Pokemon Mafia Day 2

The Trainers discover that @theGreatWingdingi The Pokémon Trainer thoroughly corrupted. He no longer has his innocence in tact and is expelled from school.

Alive Players


Day 2 Start

Day will last until 2018-12-08T15:00:00Z or majority vote.

Majority is 5.

@mafiabot startday 2133

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we need to hear from @sdadasdas @Nyte and @Friend asap

@mafiabot Lynch @yns

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I don’t understand. Was he night killed or removed from the game?

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He was nk we’re just roleplaying a school you don’t kill people!! The bad guys made a good guy look bad so he was expelled

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I don’t trust anybody rn

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Not gonna bother reaction testing this games great yns is mafia

Hard claiming no takesie backsies

Uhm, what?

I am the cop yns is the mafia

I think you really didn’t need to out but I guess its fine since ur cop with a red and we have a nurse. Like im very sure yns woulda flipped anyhow given how he aborted the Treewon train yesterday (wow day 1 was actually really useful!)

I could be wrong about this game being a sweep…hope not

It’s 50/50 on him being roleblocker and pretty much autowin and if he’s not I still stay alive

okay you’re actually insane

@mafiabot lynch @ian


you’re INSANE


@mafiabot lynch yns

I’m actually cop, don’t know really what he’s doing, friend is town he is the person I checked last night


yeah im town hes probably cop cuz theres no reason to twon real me otherwise rn

idk why u claimed tho