Polaks only

If you have 1%+ Polak bloor ur allowed to post here. All else that do are communists.

Ill start.



Paging kittens


Wise edit


Polish/German/Russian mongrel here.

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TFW Polish and Russian and nonfluent in both

Russian/Irish/polish mutt here

i didnt know there were so many half breeds out there

Were any of you offended by the fact that the movie “Beerfest” didn’t have a Polish team? I was.

no, vodka preferred

Potato vodka particularly

The drop is sick only reason i listen to the song

hes also wearing a Paris St. Germain hat

I like it. Feel free to share more brother :)

100%er here, prognosis is terminal

Prescribed 1500cc of vodka prn

My grandmother made the best kielbasa ever. Her pierogis were ok but I was never a fan of potato wrapped in dough.

potatos not even the best landrace of pierogi