Police busting #Glazed on these Canadian streets

Those damn Canadian E-Sports street admins

Amazing, you have the gusto to brazenly back talk a uniformed member of the Canadian mounties, but r too scared to ask out a girl that works at a bank.


just how it works

Cop: What are you doing?
Glazed: Trying to get money for my e-sports team.
Cop: Your what?
Glazed: My e-sports team.
Cop: Okay, well you can't do that on the streets because something called the safe streets act it against the law.
Glazed: But I'm not doing it on the streets I'm doing it on the side walk.
Cop: I've seen you walk over onto the streets so...
Glazed: I can -
Cop: Let me see your drivers license please.
Glazed: I don't have it with me. I can solicit from the side walk.
Cop: I've seen you walk over and go pick up whatever .
Glazed: Yes I'm allowed to pick it up after.
Cop: No you're not.
Glazed: Yeah.
Cop: No you're not.
Glazed: I-I've read the by laws.
Cop: You want the ticket.
Glazed: No but...
Cop: I'll give you the ticket and you can fight it in court. Say it and tell if you're right or wrong. You want that?
Glazed: No.
Cop: Okay gemme your name please.
Glazed: Jakub.
Cop: How do you spell that?
Glazed: J-A-K-U-B
Cop: Last name.
Glazed: -redacted-
Cop: And address.
Glazed: -redacted-
Cop: Date of birth.
Glazed: -redacted- 
Cop: Phone number.
Glazed: -redacted-
Cop: Whats the uh sports team?
Glazed: Video game team.
Cop: Your video game team.
Glazed: Yeah, so where, how can I do this? It's a free count-
Cop: You can't.
Glazed: But how do I make money then?
Cop: For that get a job.
Glazed: I have a job. I've redesigned down town -static- and inspect your cranes.
Cop: Well that's perfect, so you don't need to solicit on the roadway.
Glazed: But I was not soliciting.
Cop: -unintelligible- difference between the roadway and the highway. Do you know the difference between the road was and the highway? Do you know the differences between a roadway and a highway?
Glazed: Not necessarily.
Cop: Okay, well a roadway is from curb to curb, a highway is from fence to fence.
Glazed: Okay.
Cop: -unintelligible- pulled over the shoulder -unintelligible- so you're soliciting on the roadway and the highway. So what I'm telling you, I'm not sure how much you made today, but if you want a ticket for $200 or whatever it is -
Glazed: No...
Cop: -you're probably not gonna make the money right?
Glazed: I'm just. What I'm not understanding is, I've been doing this for like a couple weeks and I've I've talked to police officers on the median, and they're like, "Have a good day." 
Cop: Okay and sometimes they'll do that, sometimes they won't. I'm telling you its against the law.
Glazed: Okay.
Cop: I'm telling you that you can get it a ticket for it.
Glazed: Okay.
Cop: I'm giving you a warning.
Glazed: Okay.
Cop: Move away. Maybe next time I drive by I'm going and calling a -unintelligible- stop to talk to ya, and you make your ten or twenty bucks over, but I'm telling ya right now it's illegal. Okay. It's a ticket. 
Glazed: Shit.
Cop: And so if I come back and see you, you get the ticket.
Glazed: Yeah.
Cop: I'm not giving you one this time.
-car noises-
Glazed: Yeah, I understand.
Cop: Just letting you know. Okay?
Glazed: Man, how do I make money on the streets?
Cop: Get a job!
Glazed: But America, fuckin-
Cop: Get a job dude.
Glazed: But, but its like capitalism  
Cop: Get a job.
Glazed: Capitalism.
Cop: Get a job. Put an ad in the paper. Go- 
Glazed: Why would I work for somebody, when I can work for myself
Cop: Well, go frickin cut grass, wash people's windows, do whatever.
Glazed: Ahhhh-
Cop: So.
Glazed: Okay.
Cop: Shut her down for today.
Glazed: Sure.
Cop: Take her easy.
Glazed: You too.
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Thought glazed was canadian

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I was confused by the whole "But America" thing too...

In America you would get the ticket with no warning or second chance because the cops need to buy new military grade gear and you're gonna pay for it and the cop would have pulled his piece on you because the sign you're waving about looks like a gun to him.

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if you were black they’d discharge on sight


"Right about now, #GlazedGaming court is in full effect
Judge Dre presiding
In the case of #GlazedGaming vs. the Police Department
Prosecuting attorneys are: MC Ren, Ice Cube
And Eazy motherfuckin' E"
"Order, order, order
Jakub, take the motherfuckin' stand
Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth
And nothin' but the truth so help your black ass?"
"You god damn right!"
"Well, won't you tell everybody what the fuck you gotta say?"

Glazed gaming stating the facts: why work for THE MAN when you can work for yourself

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Why work for the man when you can flip signs on the side of the highway and get harassed by cops



I had a cop pull his gun on me about a year ago after he pulled me over because he said I was following him too closely. He said the speed limit was 25mph and that he tried to accommodate me by speeding up to 29mph. He was very distressed and panicky and kept asking me if there was something that I needed to tell him or was hiding, and all I could say to him was I've had a long day at work and just want to go home.

All I kept thinking about during the exchange was if I was black this guy might have aced me lol

Funny story, I was in Washington DC and I was with my friend at the Thomas Jefferson monument, and we were both piss drunk and I jumped up on Thomas Jefferson statue and sat in front of the statue and told my friend to snap a pic. He did then I told him to jump up so I could snap a pic, he tried and as he was doing that marines that were defending the statue popped out and pointed their machine guns at him and told him to get down, they told me to get down, they had us lay on our stomachs and hands behind our back.

After about 1.5 hrs of intense hostage neguogiation they determined we were not part of isis and only there for a IEEE conference and let us go

I need to find that picture lol no fucking clue where it is now.

cops have a problem, its a high stress job, and anything can go wrong at a moments instant, they are dealing with some of the most unstable and most unpredictable people. That's why they can act so irrationally sometimes. They make a lot of mistakes though so avoid interaction with the law as much as possible especially when doing illegal or borderline activity.

I wouldnt think about him acing you over skin color, I would just think about how to best ease the officer, blacks get confrontational quickly especially when dealing with an officer already making mistakes. The last thing you need to do is activity bring race and stuff into your mind during the situation.

Too old to murk children in the middle east? become a cop

remove firearms from people

dont you need a firearm to do that vs people with firearms?

the 2nd amendment should be revised. if u buy a gun you have to survive 2 heashots with said gun

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