Poll: should epok be permanently banned from the site but allowed to continue operating it

  • ban epok
  • leave him alone

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I say ban threads with ban polls

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We already tried this and it did not work out

Hmm I’m gonna need a poll on this one

I’m hungry for a ban on anyone at this point

we should have like a survivor island elimination thing between the 5 most hated people on this small site. i obviously nominate benny and nma first, we need 3 more now for our entertainment

i clicked the wrong thing and can’t change.

<3 epok

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ban me

ban no1

ban everyone

How about you settle it with two pistols?

i think yiu should go with “whatever i think is spam is spam” for like atleast 2 reasons

How did the bans lose smh

bring back infinite regen that guy flew helicopters

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lets ban this guy

Flopagis flew metaphorical mafia air vehicles into the ground tho

Certainly that isn't a sentence