poll thread

Are you thinking what I’m thinking



no tell me!

I was thinking we should go for steak, you pay

i’ll pay 4 the steak, can u get me a plane ticket

and no 300 dollar steaks

Only on a one way at the moment

i can hitchhike back


that looks just like snoopy…

I …

  • Do not require corrective lenses.
  • Wear glasses.
  • Wear contacts.

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most people who wear contacts have both glasses and contacts so that poll is shit

the other week i got served a steak that looked like it was out of that episode of kitchen nightmares where they boiled a burger in water

how is this even fuck pre saucers

I didn’t have contacts for like 7 years. Not everyone grows up in a Jewish family and has money for that kind of thing.

I should…

  • Tell the that I am girl I’m not over happy birthday
  • Let the hope die

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I admit I am doing it wrong but I just canr change this lifelong habit

actually I just realized I only do that for burritos and I pre sauce almost everything else

oh well not changing

I asked another group of people and one said they do both. Still not sure how I feel about that.