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  • Chocolate chip
  • Macadamia nut

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Wipe while

  • Standing
  • Sitting

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It isnt really a full stand though I just lift a bit

Jdance which direction do you wipe

Nuts to crack

Oh God you’re scaring me have I been doing it wrong

Nevermind you stand
Fucking retard

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lmao your ass is more spread in the crouch wtf are you guys talking about standing

If you wipe.standing you’re legit not cleaning yourself completely

Whend u switch

At least a year and a half ago

You can clean yourself completely, the trick is to.not have flabby skin all over and use a hand to help. Im too tall for most of that shit usually,

This. It’s more like a squat. Standing let’s you hit all the angles to get a real clean asshole for daddy

Ok, this post is not allowed

How tall r u

Standard online height. 6 deuce

Yeah I mean my apartments toilet is comically undersized for whatever reason so thats what I was really bitching about when i was saying too tall for sitting and wiping or whatever. Generally public toilets are big enough, still enjoy standing to wipe usually. Just feels normal to me now

You literally have a shitty butthole

Nah dude I use wet wipes and do a great job cleaning up