• I enjoyed reading 250 responses between Nmagane and deepthroat about religion and Terry Davis in the podcasts thread.
  • I did not read it and would not enjoy reading such a thing

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Reminder if you pick option 1 you’re lying

I had 27 posts in that thread. The fact that you can say a2pas wasn’t a problem making 100 posts at him but me throwing in literally a tenth of the posts in that discussion is fucking absurd

He’s trolling.

Without you guys a2pas woulndt have posted all that shit

A2pas is a generally tolerable person and you aren’t

That’s all it is.

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a2pas started arguing with nma long before I said anything, you fucking idiot

In earnest, my post about God’s existence being a point that’s inarguable for/against is something I actually believe.

But I wish someone would stop Nmagane from making a thread like that focused on his own need to tell off others.

I didn’t read it but I’m not sure that I wouldn’t enjoy nay of it. I’ve always enjoyed nadota for the pieces

You’re just very unpleasant to people in general and that makes your posts stand out as that much more offensive

Both nma and ewiz have been posting a lot of negative stuff and as much as we all want to say “nadota culture blah blah” I just don’t care to read it and I think nobody else cares to read it either

That’s what this poll is for

a2pas was arguing with nma way before ewiz jumped in, lets be fair.

if people want to fucking argue about religion and terry a davis, they should be allowed to. if you want to discuss podcasts that badly you can make a new thread. dont freak out and call for people to be banned, just close the thread and let them argue.

My only pieces were saying that Terry Davis clearly is schizophrenic and it’s sad our mental health Care system has failed him so much, that Biblical philosophy is not presented well in the Bible (and an explanation of where it comes from), and memeing about roleplaying. I wasn’t responsible for there being 250 posts in that conversation

yeah you made some points salient to the insalient, not very cut-and-dry argument Nma was leading on

The only person I’ve been unpleasant to is you because you’re the fucking scum of the earth

Whats wrong with wintermute

You were unpleasant to Amercchi 2 posts ago

You will inevitably be unpleasant to others because it’s your character and has nothing to do with me

What’s wrong with that?

Onii-san… >_< a arigato

At the end of the day anybody who goes thru my posts on this forum and looks at them will notice I’ve posted absolutely nothing controversial or objectionable at all

it’s entirely just you, following me around, posting “shut up retard” at every turn, and generally shitting up discussions

I haven’t even addressed you until just now. You’re unstable.