Popcorn Mafia

I wanted a gut reaction bro not for you to dig up old games

Kkat is on my sus list

@supa we can edit posts because this isn’t in the game zone
@admins @moderators can u move this thread thanks

Oh didn't know it had to be hosted there. ty - needless to say no one edit posts before its moved

Well my gut read is someone who he didn't interact with a lot.
My logic read is someone that he didn't sus in the early game.

Yeah go ahead and look it up but you’re still on my sus list

i think luckyartist is town for the transparent "i wanted a gut reaction bro" thing, it was so transparent that it felt lowkey ... i wanna say ... adorable?

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Oh and @kkat when u get a chance can u move the thread

I'm afraid I'll mess up the bot. @Roragok is it safe to move the thread?

keep randing town lately

i townread this post

also townread lbj sussing kkat


i guess im just a wolf UwU :frowning:

im sittin on it

alright fine everybody in the game thread so far is town pending further notice

it ok dont force urself to tr me if ur not feeling it. let it be genuine only then its a special moment

the thought to purposely play scummy to troll u came across my head 1 minute ago btw but i decided not to

god its been so long since ive played mafia with u how long has it been. more than a year? i think less. like it was fall 2019 the last time with chandra right

yeah or was here i dont even remember which came later

@big_ass reminder to post a reminder to stop posting in the same post as your shot because i'm so sure some people are gonna not have read that rule and ignore it

Not gonna do that

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