Popcorn Mafia

It is popcorn time, grab your drinks and watch people die.

The only player who can kill this game is the one the gunbearer.
If the gunbearer targets a mafia member, the kill succeeds and he gets to keep the gun.
If the gunberer targets a town member, he dies, and the gun is passed on to his torget.
There is no votes this game. The gunbearer will be announced as at 7PM EST, after the mafia team confirms with me who they chose to hold the gun. If you aren't sure about the setup, here is the link.


This will consist of:
3 Mafia Goons
1 Vengeful Goon When this Mafia member dies, he will kill the gunbearer as well, as well as announce the new gunbearer. (Just so game moves on quicker).

8 Vanilla townies



PMs will be sent shortly.

(Also how da fuck you color text, the color text button doesn't give me the choices and I don't know the code numbers)

Game will officially start at 7 PM when I will announce the gunbearer. Until then please don't post in the thread.

All PMs have been sent out.

It is now Day 1!

theGreatWingdingi is found out to be the towns first gunbearer

The gunbearer has until 11PM EST Saturday to make his decision who to shoot.

To make the shot @me, whenever that happens all discussions are to stop until I announce the results.

lol (cuz he said in pre-game that the scum wouldnt give him the gun cuz they're scaredy poopy pants)


i would have advocated to give him the gun based off of that cuz it would be funny or maybe id give it to iaafr if he was town but maybe most ppl would find it funny too so its maybe asoul getting the gun isnt a distinctive read u can make on the maf team

actually i dont know if most ppl would find it funny. i know iaafr would 100% do it he laughs a lot at stuff like that and maybe nyte would do it too

@xHYMEN_DESTROYERxX Your early reads have been pretty good lately, and the odds of hitting scum are pretty good this game. Choose wisely.

Shooting me = griefing thanks
Gonna throw out some sus on @nyte @sdadasdas and @faZ
They all seem very likely to give the gun to asoul

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I think iaafr would complain and would want to give it to an idiot

why do u perceive u getting shot as greifing? wouldnt it give u a chance to solo carry and be the hero?

i think that iaafr could prefer to give it a player perceived as the lower skill bracket but i do also think that he would gave it to asoul purely based off the pre-game posts because that falls into his sense of humor altho im waffling about whether or not its not a specific sense of humor or generally most ppl would find it amusing

Shooting me means a town dies
We don’t want towns to die

alright i dont know ur alignment but i can imagine a town having that mindset. i cant rly imagine myself thinking this way unless its lylo. i wouldnt mind at all getting mis-shot if it means i get the chance to be the hero

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Hmm I can see how he would give it in that scenario yeah but isn’t it funnier to get town to shoot asoul because the memes made it very likely he would get gun first

I was the chosen one last game and we lost
That level of responsibility, of power, scares me

fair enuf

Who do u think is most likely to give asoul a gun given his recent games records of correctly guessing all the scum and dying early

has iaafr been active on nadota recently / has he been witness of asoul having good early reads?

Let me check the last few games.

He hosted a game of it and I’m pretty sure he reads every game