positive vibes thread[serious]

post here when you you've had a bad time and need some positive vibes and we as a community will help you.

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Ok Benny

i hope the horses are healthy and the knees/joints are sturdy :slight_smile:

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you have a beautiful voice.

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I'm a broken man and of all the things on my mind, the idea that these injuries may haunt me in my later years worries me the most.

you are more than your injuries.

injuries may persist through the years but it's something you will overcome and they will not define you. try to not think of ways that the injuries could limit your future and rather think of ways to overcome your injuries if they do persist

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Kyle you’re gay

there is nothing wrong with being a homosexual.

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My dad has his consultation with the surgeon when I'm on vacation. Not sure if I cancel, try to come back or just go

if he has no other support system than yourself then i'd say cancel. if he has someone else then a good phone call of two can work if you'd like to go.

tough decision but you will prevail :slight_smile:


sounds like something a fag would say

hes right that is a tough call