Positive VoHiYo thread

hes cool, not only that, but hes also one of the greatest mafia players of all time

Yeah he seems swell

Seems like a stand up guy

Can someone change the other vohiyo thread to negative vohiyo thread.

seems is a strong word I rather seem NEGATIVE and bad then you will know I am honest or be pleasantly surprised when i turn out better then I seem

you’re smart and a person who has sex all the time

thx u 2

Not true I know because I have had sex with every woman vohiyo has tried to have sex with and they all tell me they don’t like him

you can verify this with them all

All 0 zero of them? (°o °”)

I heard vohoyo watches anime

I watched a few in my life

do you watch anime?

Since this is a positive thread I’m not going to respond to that

i believe the truth is a net positive in the long term

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Truth is not objective

proof pls

He’s a weeb. Ban.


I believe violence would detract from the cause. Peace and enlightenment will convert more people to weebdom.