post here when you eat food that was mediocre but it got the job done

had some fried potato dish that has this sausage type thing i forget the name of it but it was kinda mediocre but like it got the job done

like it wasn't awful but meh

Had potato pancakes and hamburger patties about 5 minutes ago

I like to put a bunch of shit in a pan (frying or casserole) in the oven and take it out when it’s crispy. It’s how I get rid of vegetables and sausage and meat and stuff.
Sometimes I’ll even let it go a little shorter and hotter and then pour some soaked rice and water in and make a paella thingy

Most of the time I just drink tho

I eat this

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I don’t like how hot my apartment gets. Wish I had one of those fish grills or salamanders but I don’t think that would solve the problem re: oven use. Toaster oven?

Sometimes I use one of this portable cassette burners I bought on discount from a goodwill in goryeoville and make kbbq at home

kelp noodles are hot garbage


just ate one of those squeezable rice pouches you put in the microwave for 1:30. put a bunch of cholula on it

lentil bolognese, the definition of an ordinary weekday meal

also mistook fresh coriander for parsley, interesting taste

is this like an only exists in britain thing

oh, never tried.. may try, ty
still on this raw vegan diet.. was 100% raw for about a month and now it's like 75%..
this doesnt belong in this thread but ive been making grilled cheese sammies with daiya cheese and sprouted bread and it's to die for.

Sounds rly processed so it must be super good

Tried to make mac and cheese.
But the cheese packet was expired and turned all red and brown and smelly.
So I put in some Velveeta and a lot of butter and added diced Spam™.
Totally ghetto food, but I ate it all. Good stuff.

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Eating Mexican food. Shouldn't post in this thread, but here we are

ate some crappy hot dogs.

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ate pickles