Post here when you get takeout!

Subway. Spicy Italian. Extra Sweet Onion

Subway in 2020 when there’s jersey mikes and cheba hut and potbelly

Bro you ever had sweet onion?

Also I don't have any of that fancy shit. I'm in the country

Get your money up and move to a real place

Sweet onion is the best subway sandwich but it’s still meh tier compared to other sub places

ordering delivery thru door dash to support you jdwnce.

Cool you better tip

Subway in Norway is way better in than in the US, I was so disappointed when I ate a subway in the US

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almost didn't finish

I like to get the Falafel from pita pit, extra tzatziki, hummus, lettuce tomatoes cucumbers red onions green peppers bean sprouts

cheese + s&p, really good

does starbucks count.
i just learned canada doesn't have the cold brew dark cocoa with almond foam and only have the cinnamon kind.. gross >>

i tip around 8 bucks usually (also ordering for 2 so that seems fair) but im tempted to go below it because doordash says they'll just give em an 8 dollar tip anyways. is that true and if not, are tips supplemented for you in any way by them?

Kinda afraid to do Subway these days. All that food sitting out and getting breathed on.
Getting fried rice for lunch tomorrow. Can't wait.

Never, ever go to Subway

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It depends on the area. some places drivers automatically get $3, some places it's $5, maybe some places it's $8 I'm not sure

2 spicy beef patties

Getting steak

Haven't had steak in 2 yrs

What cut? Ribeye is my favorite.

It's a ribeye