post here when youre hungry but something is preventing you from eating.

Yeah dude like I said:

definitely 7 Eleven for me

depends on the bento though

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Hot and sour soup has gotta be sold at some Chinese spot

one morning i had a 7 Eleven tofu-spaghetti bento in bathtub of our airbnb after drunken hazy mess of a night in osaka and i'd never felt quite so alive

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For me I think I usually would get like packs of gyoza, and then the peanut butter sandwich pouch things with no crust, or the steamed pork buns.

And then guzzling Asahi tall boys and bottles of cheap Suntory whiskey usually in Shibuya, Roppongi or Yokohama.

Or special occaisons some one cup lol

it depends on what kinds are available, but if were talking just the plain fried chicken, lawson. ministop's plain fried chicken is runner up maybe, then family mart