post here when youre hungry but something is preventing you from eating.

what food r u dreaming of rn?

About to go home and eat tacos. Can't eat right now because I'm not quite home yet

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i have no appetite. i haven't had an appetite for weeks because of anxiety.

pizza sounds kinda good tho

how long til u get tacos?

4 minutes until I'm home and then about a 30 minute cook time.

so not very long. nice. very good.

what toppings do u put on ur tacos?

Lettuce, onion, a whole tomato, black olives, jalapenos, habaneros, crushed red pepper, cheddar cheese and either sriacha or taco ranch

all good except black olives

wish I lost my appetite, I've gained like 10lbs since corona

I think I've gained 60

I want convenience store chicken from japan but there is an ocean in the way

making this tonight:

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that is certainly a cock block if ive ever heard of one

tofu monkaS

i dont think ive ever had tofu but ive always heard bad things aobut it

lol wtf tofu is great

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yea idk never had it but thats the word on the street

That's because where you live there's nothing but railroad tracks and adult book stores.

i live in maryland

7 Eleven, Family Mart, or Lawson?