Post itt if you are sick and staying home from school or work

Got the flu - shitting and vomiting at the same time

I don’t work on weekends unless we’re running behind

I dont work

I have every AWS cert thanks mom and dad for paying my property taxes until I turned 22


I’m a into small government

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I have who is John galt bumper sticker on my Yaris (financed) and I buy precious metals in ingot form and have them delivered to my parents house (investment)


Somehow between throwing up I busted the greatest nut of my lifetime but now I feel like I’m dying

I think if I stay hard for the next 72 hours I will feel better

Can you please stop talking about being sick in this thread I don’t want to catch anything

just finished The Fountainhead and now thinking about buying a Tesla and underreporting my income to the IRS


My hands are shaking and my mouth is dry

Currently throwing up fish oil


I like having the stomach flu tho, throwing up when im sick feels good. Maybe its a sign of a potential fetish or something

I don’t feel awful except for before I vomit so it’s fine

I just walked upstairs and was like hey Mom and she was like how you feeling and I’m like just threw up and she’s like oh no that’s no good and I’m like yeah have a nice day ma’am

Throwing up usually tastes bad but wait until you try it with fish oil and zinc + selenium

You can’t tax bitcoin

See: My avatar

It’s me after burning all my 1099s (I dont believe in the government)

I don’t need medicine I take mega vitamins and airborne instead and I feel better quicker… antibiotics is fake and so are nsaids it’s much better to get a fever and have inflamed meninges and die at 26 from the flu

Guess what i took 3 oscillococinum and I feel so much better and I refuse to get the flu shot and I like to stack and sort objects by size and color

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