Post some of your convictions here

Some of ya got no convictions but here is a thread to those who do.


  1. My dad used to drink all the time, i always blamed alcohol for his mistakes. I swore never to drink.
  2. My mom got cheated on by my dad lots, I swore to not make the same mistakes so that i do not put a woman through that pain. I swore this to myself at 12 years old when i was 15, my first girlfriend cheated on me and despite my uncontrollable teenage lost, my resolve on this matter only strengthened when the same pain my mom felt echo’d through the walls of my heart.
  3. I want to provide a future for children and the children of others. I always make it a priority to let children be children and be a good example for them.
  4. I worry about my family in my death. I have set up a roth ira for them with them as beneficiary, I commit the maximum amount you can per year to it.
  5. To never let pleasure be the upmost gratifying thing in my life. I know suffering is what i must idolize hence why i will lift heavy and force myself to work for as long as my body is able.
  6. The conviction of being dedicated to your convictions.