post-TI roster shuffle

roster shuffle predictions, hot takes and all that

old vgj storm, new optic is going to be very strong. sneyking was their weakest link

Lmao rip sneking

it’s apparently the same user who first leaked the latest EG roster

Abed leaving Fnatic. MidOne probably the candidate to fill that

What happens to Optic’s current roster (ppd and co)? I would imagine they have some contract that keeps them from releasing the current squad?

mason timado team happening or what


I realise this is a few days late

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Timado will never be on a US team if his father keeps controlling his career. His father told several teams that if they want him to move, he has to get paid a salary, which requires a special visa. When they agreed, he got denied, because work visas are hard to get and they look for reasons why he might overstay his visit.

He is young, is not married, has no kids, has no job, lives in Peru. All red flags.His only chance at getting on a real team is to play in SA or EU.

Timado should go to school.

Timado played with Infamous today. He went 7-1-32 as Spectre.

Crazy to think WaR only lost to the TI winners in qualifiers


3-2 as well right?

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3-1 i think

OG were playing so much better drafts wise against WaR and honeslty OGs drafting threw everyone off, including people like WinteR who are pretty reliable when it comes to picking drafts

Wow Newsham moving up

New ppd team looks really good

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Ppd turned euro

7ckingmad winning a TI effectively hammered home the superiority of euros - PPD goes where the talent is