Professionally Sponsored DotA 2 Team Loses Battlecup

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These guys get paid to play the game and literally just lost to a team without a single immortal player. I checked the winning team and none of them were even smurfing (unless they just bought the account right before this battlecup).

What a joke dota is these days

The losers are TNC’s new second team, i think moon and 1437 are on it

that’s a china stack

anyone who played dota before solo rmm came out can tell u 5 stacks of unknowns with random chinese character names are a guaranteed loss

best to just pack it up and go home


It’s actually not, it’s an SEA stack with some chinese/japanese character names. Maybe it’s the same concept though.

Even if it was relevant I liked this post

Thoughts on moon and 1437 orion?

china stacks are too strong

I mean how does anyone expect to compete to 5 Chinese nerds who’s parents saved up hundreds of thousands of dollars so their children can buy a house to live in but instead they spend the money spending 80 hours a week playing Dota 2 at Internet cafes and buying offwhite clothes

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there’s just no way anyone in America could ever do that without being severely mentally ill but in china it’s perfectly fine

i dont have much of an opinion on them as players because neither of them made it to TI and thats the only dota related thing i’ve kept up with recently. moon was a funny personality when it came to his stream highlights such as the “neva eva” clip and that clip where he shat on kzz. 1437 looked really bad in the aftermath of one of the iterations of secret where some texts got leaked where he was basically sucking puppeys dick and selling the rest of the team out.

was he 1v1 midding kzz in that HoN neva eva thing? holy shit i didnt even know that lmao

no those are two separate clips. the “neva eva” clip was from a ranked game in HoN i believe, i didn’t follow the scene ive just seen the clip. then there is another clip where theres an NEL game where kzz was displeased with the picks or something and moon called him a poor unsuccessful moron or something.

oh nevermind, i’m thinking of the anime “geegee” clip wherever he wins a 1v1 mid and throws his shirt off and dances to the girlsgeneration song

I’m not completely sure what the neva eva clip actually was because HoN graphics are really different and I didn’t play the game so I can’t tell whats going on, but I think its just a ranked game and he kills someone or something and he pauses and starts blasting that NEVA EVA GET ON MY LEVEL song. he was also in his “mannersmeander” mode at this time so he had a tie and collared shirt on, and he like ripped that shit off.

I believe it was a rampage off of the sk clone’s epi

i am trying to defend this but i really cant lol how do you even lose this game

There was a thread on reddit saying the winning team cheated

How? What did they do? I’m gonna have to watch the match

Yeah, it turns out the people who won were actually all top 200 smurfs who got paid to play on these accounts, and they had a 6th person who had a player from both teams added watch the game using the dota+ live feature and basically ghost the entire game, calling out all the movements/wards from tigers.

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ROFL what a bunch of lames.