Prohibited words suggestion

A while back I used a forum where banned words weren't blacked out.
Instead, the banned words were replaced by other words.
For instance, "Hell" was replaced by "New Jersey."

For example, we could replace the F word with "bundle of sticks."

Any other suggestions?
And no, we can't substitute "Kyle" for all the banned words.

You should censor the word ■■■■■■.

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Ummm it already is censored?

Lol you're right. I didn't notice.

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yeah this is something that is supported in discourse but i dont think people would appreciate it. people would say it's not funny no matter what lol

i will probably consider doing it because theres a lot of problems with censored block things

It was just a thought, but I think it could be fun.
I disagree with you because I think anything would be better than ■■■■■■ in any post.

I think the situation were in is that people sometimes make the choice to get around it and may make that choice more often when they think the replacements are an even stupider censor than the orignal ones

I mean it's easy to do and I'm happy to try but we'd have to agree on some replqxement word and I think this would prolly just end up being an exercise in futility