did a prune juice cleans a few days ago. My buthole has been hurting since, thought i prolapsed my ass so i stuck my finger up my bum to see if i had to push it back. I dont think its a prolapse now.

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drinking copious amounts of alcohol is the real reason

why the fuck would you ever do a “prune juice cleanse” btw?

I do it from time to time.

Just recently my stomach has been feeling weird and I've got this random cough it's been going on for like 2 weeks

Si I figured I'd chug a bunch of prince juice and clear out what ever was making my stomach feel weird

doesn’t a “cleanse” involve fasting and only drinking whatever?

It makes you shit your guts out that's pretty cleansing


Gottem #plasma

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I know



I’ll have you know I disabled him just yesterday


so you fingered ur butthole? @Plasma1337

It's a hemroid. I finally get why hemroid pillows are doughnuts. It's a pimpleish thing on your asshole. I thought hemroids were ass pimples. not asshole pimples

I put my finger up my bum yes

u are a homosexual?

No but if your asshole prolapses you just gotta push it back in

Hurts to wipe more then shit now. My ass bin dirty for a couple days now