proposal: ban the GoyClub inverse

There is a lot of talk about "banning the 'GoyClub'"

I propose an alternative: ban the inverse of the "GoyClub".

I think certain users were on the right track, but they chose the wrong target. I am confident that this would improve the quality of the website.

let's be honest: do the set of users who are disjoint from the "GoyClub" provide anything of value? do they do anything? Or are they just morale killers who are ultimately a degradation to forum quality?

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has no one ever thought "this forum would be much better with multiple nmaGanes"

the core strategy of "attracting" people who appeal to the "Inverse Goy Club" is completely the wrong avenue: there should be an outright philosophy to aggregate people who are the psychological copy of myself.

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i propose our rich and successful members fund the production of a series of films called the GoyClub cinematic universe

the possibilities are endless

a gritty joker/taxi driver type film in the
mean streets of North Carolina starring jones

Michael inj in the teamspeak awards after winning


I support this proposal. I certainly gain no value from this site.

They provide the dichotomy that allows goy posts to shine. The yin to your goyang.

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easily proven to be false: the "teamspeak" is an entirely closed ecosystem that has produced exponentially funnier content than anything on this website.

it is not some dumbfuck chink fake-medicine nonsense: it's a nuclear reaction prevented from reaching criticality.

You guys can produce content as a function of being unemployed. None of the rest of us have time to be wacky


As a comedian is nothing without his audience, the teamspeak would be nothing without the humdrum users of this website.

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In fact many of the teamspeak's jokes no longer work/lose their appeal because, at this point, we (the humdrum users) are in on it

This is why benny's play in MafiaUniverse was so exciting/well-followed, but his mafia games here garner little attention. Without the unsuspecting and befuddled audience, the jokes land on ears that are altogether Too Knowing and Simply Not Funny


In fact, I would argue the website is essential to the teamspeak's continued existence. Without it, the goy club's mischief and angst would be directed inward, progressively escalating their grief/genuine malice toward each other until what remains is nothing but the smoking rubble where a community used to be. And, I would argue, for the individuals of the goy club the same holds true - if they did not have each other to project their various malaises upon, they might be forced to turn that lens inward on the Self. (Here, truly, we encounter the Desert of the Real - read Zizek.) For some users this could be a catalyst for positive change; others, an instrument of their complete mental obliteration. What would Eton James be without his internet frenemies? A man who spends his days in hot sun on a ride-on mower and his evenings ranting and raving at the wide, starless sky?


What kind of life is that?

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Read baudrillard

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desert of the real

the idea that there needs to be an "external" outlet is just cope and feminine: one month I bully toprak, one month I bully nmaGane, one month I bully kaptenrobert, and until 2024 I bully JCrispy. that's it.

it's really simple what I would be without the internet: I did it the summer lifeguarding when I was 16 and was dating my 21 year old manager.