Protest in Africa Against LGBT Bill

praise ja

Eat the poo poo

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This thread on the bottom

CZY JESTEM GEJEM? = Am i a gay?

He bumped it bros its over

poeple say i gay

everyone know i love women, i must be gay

you hittin the bottle again brother?

more than that, snorting the meds

this is that pussy ass bare knuckle boxer guy right? you know bare knuckle boxing is safer than gloved boxing right?

sorry he's probably not a pussy

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hes a rapper that promotes it interviewed by some uk guy

give me some money

i give u drugs

What's on the menu

wellbutrin, weed

I can buy pot anywhere here and what the fuck's a wellbutrin

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if u crush it up and snort it, its a derivative of cocaine effectively.

its called poor mans coke. Thing is you get mega horny and your dick actually works you dont get coke dick. i think its better

Wow Til

Yes thank yu fr the info. Helpful