Provoking Jones Thread

Post things that will provoke jones

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Haha anyways, i will be back to check in on this thread after i take my calc 2 test. I didnt study for it. Probably not going to do well.

i tried to see if jones would bite on my recent semen as a food source post by including the term ‘global south’

i was not succesful


the south will rise again

I temporize, fixing my eyes upon each thing, and wait for my moment. - N Machiavelli


Eat them.


have you tried that meme tilt trap? i set one up and only 2 mice ever fell in. snap traps are the only way to go and it works unbaited if you leave them along walls


i considered reading a chapter that wasnt in the syllabus but then decided against it


I have a Cage trap that has a tilting trap door that they fall in and ive caught probably 10 rats with it so far...

These ones were caught by my own hand in The chicken house with all openings closed.

I have plenty snap traps and they work but I think its gross and I forget to check them and then when I do remember there is just some gross furball left

Also had one get hit in his leg only and he dragged The whole thing around the floor and tried to chew himself loose for god knows how long and when i found it i had to smash him to death with a stick

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i had the leg thing happen a few times. what do you do with the corpses? ive always wanted to bunch them up and let skunks and raccoons eat them but the ones near my house just get ran over every few weeks and random mice end up eating them instead i think......

they're pretty cute but they shit everywhere and chew through stuff under my stairs. i feel a little bad using the clap traps because they survive for a while sometimes but it's tough out here and you can't shit at my place if you can't use the litter box

how the fuck do i do question 8

what's the question

i didnt bother reading this section because looking up the answer in a table is fucking gay

bro it's been too long not using this stuff ever im sorry

its fine i just no longer trust you

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ask iaafr he's smart and likes math