pushups thread

i do pushups sometimes when i cant think of other things to do

this year i started at being able to sets of 15-20 and now im up to 35-40

i havent started lifting weights yet though and i should

what are other users’ experiences with pushups? please share!

in between dota games ill use a random number generator for pushups

Forgot the name of the site but I used to do follow this site that would help you get to doing a hundred push-ups in one go. The concept is whatever to me but they’d give you nice sets to work with and I felt it built me up pretty well. Maybe you should do more sets and less seeing how far you can go?

I’m not a big gym head but my brother is and he really sold me on military press. It’s great, hits your arms/back and can be done with just dumbells

i was always under the impression trying to max out reps every so often is the main thing that lets you increase your max reps over time

i just googled a bit though and saw a few different pieces of advice

like should try to max reps every other day but just do leisurely numerous sets on the off days? idk man

i don’t do pushups super frequently but sometimes i do them as a weird sort of way of tracking my physical progress since i dont do a lot of lifting so i dont have lift weights to track myself with.

i can do like 80-85 or something right now, maybe ill do them a bit more frequently and go for 100

Pushups are okay, they’re fine to do if you’re at home and you wanna do something

I don’t really ever do them at the gym, there are too many other things I prefer doing to work out my chest

Nothing wrong with them though


I stopped my pushup habit at some point

maybe I'll try resuming

Just do a bunch and get in a big volume over the course of a day and then start increasing the size of the sets you do.

If you like pushups you should really try pullups.

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Had a bet at work ($50 each) with 2 co-workers who can do most push ups in one go after a month of training.

started at around 20, finished at 75. I just pretty much just did 3-sets in the morning, after work and before bed until I felt the resistance and stopped (each day I was able to do 2 or 3 more than previous day)

2nd closest to me was at like 60 and he went to gym regularly.

i managed 9 push-ups, then had to take a smoke break and came back to do one more

10 in total! it's pretty intense but i really thrive in challenging myself :smile:

RIP ZYZZ #GetRipped


rip zyz

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