Quick Brain Teaser for NAMafia's Residents

A secondhand car dealership has the following cars: 8 Hyundai’s, 2 BMW’s, One Audi, 6 Fiat’s. How many Mercedes do they have?



Funny that you made this topic literally 30 min before I made mine lmao. I just saw this right now.

Unless I'm missing something obvious, the answer is 0.

The answer is not 0

6? idk

Can A also be B? Were any of those cpanies formerly owned by Mercedes?

Does this question rely on year make model

mercedes is owned by daimler so the solution is probably something to do with that? idk

No, none of those car companies were or are owned by Mercedes. That’s the first thing I considered.

Trying to deconstruct the riddle down, I tried to think of how a car dealership being second-hand could be relevant, haven’t really pinned an answer to mercedes benz vs second-hand

The question also tells you the full inventory in stock i.e. ‘has the following cars’ unless information is being omitted and there is more inventory but it’s not being mentioned, then that means the question itself is providing false data to judge on.

So it tells you how many cars are in stock, what those cars are, and asks you how many of what is in stock there are, and you answer 0, yet the answer is not 0 so my curiosity has been piqued.

Going to wait on the answer, maybe someone else can figure it out and I’m hoping this is actually a clever answer not some BS eye-rolls response.

The question clearly asks how many mercedes, not how many of another brand. If I told you I owned 10 volkswagen, and asked you how many porches I owned, you wouldn’t think 10 because volkswagen and porche are manufactured by the same company, right?

Ofc there is also the fact that mercedes doesn’t only manufacture cars, at which point if that’s what the brain teaser is, then this question sucks.

Did any of those order companies ever produce a car model named Mercedes? Idk I have no idea

they have 1 mercedes

final answer

Tip: The riddle is mostly solved by looking at the amount of cars.

I would expect people pushing 140 IQ to solve this one with ease.


Very easy

He only comes once a year