Quick Mafia

This is just an idea, but would you guys be down for me to host a mafia lets say sat night starting at 7PM and ending at 11PM say day. So lets say town would have 30 minutes per day phase, and mafia would have 5-10 minutes per night phase. Everyone who signs would have to commit that time to come play online though.

The way this forum is set up makes it perfect for games like these.
New posts appear instantly without requiring you to refresh the page constantly.
I've thought about this, but the commitment to showing up has me worried.

I was thinking having people confirm at 7PM lets say - having a 10 minute window and the setup would be run with whoever confirms.

Well it would have to be a flexible setup then.
The number of players would be uncertain until the last minute.

Yeah the final setup would be posted after everyone confirms on day of. I don't think it takes too long to find/make a setup quickly

This is called blitz I believe and we tried it but it was hard to get enough people on at the same time back then

It's a good idea and would be especially good if we got the bot to do the hosting


@iaafr has played a lot of these games. Maybe his advice would be helpful.

its fun

typical phase lengths are 18/6 on that site but i prefer 20/4

with a cop 9er 7v2 it typically takes an hour to 90 minutes to finish out a game

not sure we're likely to be able to find a time when 9+ of us are available though

I might be down


I'll play

Not consistent enough imo, we don't have enough players to get this consistently going so it will eventually die

I think if our player poor was 3x what it is now, then this would work.

Well, it'd be scheduled for one night. The entire game happens in 3-4 hours. We'd just need to run a multiselect poll and find a time where enough people can be on then

I’ll play if it doesn’t go past like 9pm est

Exactly, getting enough players at the same time w such a small pool is gonna suck and doing it on a regular basis is near impossible, but don't take my word for it.

Oh yeah, I agree that a regular thing is definitely not possible. But we might be able to get a one-time thing to work