Quitting this site unless u can give me a reason to stay

Any one

you can play mafia and get voted day 1 or fuckup on the last day

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right here.

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how about a nice title eh champ

Yeah make it say Moderator

switch my title to NNN GOD.


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I'll try to like more of your posts if you stay

Just getting bored. All my friends not posting anymore (klaze, thegreatwingdingi)

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I feel you. I was excited when the autistic Turkish psychopath came back but if you're not here by habit there's not much to see. Let me know if you find anywhere better

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What if we start Roragok's book club?

twould be poggers

Okay I am currently reading dune

I read dune recently so that would be an easy one

I don't like it

@SOPHIE @Roragok read dune

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That's interesting--I liked it a lot