It depends on what I ate. My farts usually smell like the food I have eaten, I ate pizza for dinner last night and now whenever I fart I can smell the digested pizza from my butt! Now I want to eat that pizza again! I tend to fart quite a lot, this is because I’m naturally quite a gassy person and also because I’m unable to burp out the excess gas from in my stomach, so it all has to go down and out the other end!

I usually start farting while I’m still eating my meal. I like to fart it out since it only adds to the aroma of the food! I’m not sure how my farts can smell like the food I ate so soon after it has entered my digestive system though, or why I fart so much. Perhaps I have a digestive disorder.

I like to eat really hot chillis however this causes my farts to burn on the way out as well as stink! I can let my gasses out silently as well as loudly which is quite useful! I do not refrain from farting in public, I like to watch people revile in disgust when they smell what I ate and digested for breakfast!

I’m quite a big Hydrogen Sulphide producer too, so even when I eat something that does not have much of a smell, it still causes a stink when I fart it out my other end. If I eat something like egg or onions in my dinner then when I go to bed I can feel it all being digested in my belly and all the gas that is being formed from it, and I wake up in a very smelly bedroom! I have also found that if I swallow more air with my meals then not only do I fart significantly more but they also smell much stronger too but I don’t know why.

When I was younger in school I let out the nastiest smelling fart. It was completely silent when exiting my butt but it certainly made a noise when everyone in the class started gagging and complaining. It smelt like all the worst things, Sulphur, burning hair, rotten food, and fit was so thick. The teacher had to stop talking because it smelled so vile, and then the fire alarm went off! I’m not sure wether it was correlation or causation but it was quite amusing anyway!

Another memorable time farting was the day I decided to beat my previous record of 44 farts in one day. I usually don’t eat much, but on that day I ate a lot! This of course gave me plenty of gas throughout the whole day. I felt so bloated and with each fart it felt like it didn’t even go down. At one point in the day I was counting the interval between each time I passed gas and it was 20–30 seconds. I stopped counting once it reached 200 farts that day! On average I farted every 7 minutes and 12 seconds that day! My room smelled vile after that!

I have counted how often I fart in one day now, without trying to beat any records, and it’s ~40 now. And no, tiny little pops so not count.


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