Rainbow 6 Siege

@hype you still play? i got like 1.1k hrs in this but im sure plenty of that is idle. been playing more often these days. magics got it too. would be fun if we got 2 more posters lol

My friend Chris really tried to convince me very hard to buy and play this game with him - but when it was on free weekend I tried downloading it and it turned out to be 60 GB.
Is it really worth all of my remaining free space?

I haven’t touched this season was waiting for them to address the hacking that got out of control last season into this one. Like litterally kept me out of plat after ez plat season before.

Which they are doing so I’ll be back on the grind soonish “VAPOR.WAV” on uplay.

i have never given a shit about space, ive always had a very adequate amount.

the game itself is very fun. i find the gameplay refreshing and its like in dota in that there is a lot to be learned but the amount of variety in it is pretty great.

the biggest caveat to getting this game is that there are a lot of operators to unlock. 40% are base and cheap, 60% are very expensive and you basically have to grind or give up 5 bucks to unlock osmeone. ive done that once. you cant buy the starter account. it would be almost advisable to get the expensive option if you wanna buy but magic got the $30 one and he’s got plenty to learn with

shroud just started the game, maybe check this vod out and see if it looks interesting to you

I own it also but I’m absolutely dogshit

I’ll play with you then my man.

I was doge shit for hundreds of hours… I’m alright now, but I’ve just learned every map and op and other shit.

I’ve been watching shroud and it’s so painful to watch cuz I know what it’s like to get one shotted every round and feel useless lmao

On defense it can be a lot about holding good angles, and on both sides always wide peak when possible. If you can’t swing wide for a peak, peak fast. Map knowledge is like at least 40-50% of the game, take some time while eating or something to watch some map overviews on a pro players channel king george for example even though hes kind of a prick. If you cant currently shoot good play OPs that win for your team by existing, Finka/Hard breach (hib/therm)/Thatcher/Lion on defense maybe start with anchors since roamers need map knowledge and shoot good (smoke/mira). I think the varsitygaming youtube channel had some like broad concept videos that may be a bit older now but should work fine.

yeh thats really good feedback. id just recommend that you get into siege first before you make it a mission to improve, otherwise you wont have fun getting owned haha. finding fun content on youtube is a good way to start that.

just some recent videos from channels i like. also i feel like other people wouldnt like him but you might like narcolepticnugget? he makes the game pretty digestable for nubs and atleast doesnt suck dick

Idk how much I’ll play in the next 2 weeks but in August I’m free for sure

@anon_yang please inform Chris that he can play with me my username is ChrisWatola

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very interesting game for sure. I like the pro play

Wish i was still playing this, though i guess if i was maybe i wouldn't feel the same.
Valorent sucks.

ubishit ruined this game or I'd love to play. I've been meaning to give classic mode a go

Not surprised I dont think ive launched the game since like nokk release.
But it was clear by even like jackels release they had gone from, i bring a hammer to foot fetish future goggles. That it was gonna be a downward slope.

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jacket was a lil cool at launch and imo one of the better newer designs but im bias as a guy who started getting really into siege around that time

its sad to say i never got to see the 1200 health blackbeard shield days or whatever those stupid numbers were

The number didn't matter they basically didn't break.
I hit plat pretty much just playing fuze and frost so im basically a turbo ■■■■■■.
End of the day shooting your gun is the best power.

I miss it but i got no boys who still play i think ive left it installed this whole time, should prob free up the space. Likely better off leaving it as a good time memory.


i bet your attacker teammates love you

Fuze feels liek the perfect implementation of a guy whos like there to save the day but hes secretly just a terrorist

i wreak havoc and either get 3 people with my expert fuze charge or die trying