random questions ive gotten multiple times:

  • i am 6 foot 2 and weigh about 220 lbs
  • i was born in monroe, WI but lived in cedarville, IL (the birth place of jane addams if u know her at all)
  • me and my brother both played a lot of computer/console games since we were young (like 5 years old for me lmao) so thats how i foujnd dota, played a lot of diablo 2, then wc3, then dota, then guitar hero/rockband, halo, call of duty series (original modern warfare is the best one fuckin fight me if u disagree)
  • i am insane at guitar/hero rockband (guitar and drums)
  • i have 5 starred the Legendary thru the fire and the flames on expert before on gh3
  • my best “FC” i think is probably before i forget
  • i played basketball and baseball throughout my childhood up through highschool, half a season in community college baseball lol
  • my hoemtown population is a whopping 750
  • these days i mostly play dota, CSGO, and BR games like PUBG and that new apex game is also really good, i also love the smash series (melee is the best ofc) but i am considering buying a switch for ultimate (and of course future games like animal corssign or zelda or w.e)

Uh oh

  • i am born in desert
    -when i was a boy i ride the camel

-i go school to become good engineer for my country :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: al habibi buy mercedes :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


-these days i mostly play roblox highschool

  • jack off to random homepage porn
    -i tried to pirate minecraft but the torrent turned out to be a trojan and windows defender removed it

I can help you pirate games if you want.
I recommend Factorio - it’s very easy to pirate and a great game.

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Born in Northern Canada. Lived in Ontario for 5 years during college and moved back for work. Been back up North for 6 years now.


Yeah 90% of this forum is great I can dig it keep doing ur thing mister epok and I’ll keep doing mine

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help me pirate stellaris and ill play factorio

Let’s both make a little money while we do this garbage of dealing with monkeys :monkey_face:

Like 2 posts and uve been owned insanely hard just for the record


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nice nice ty

After playing crusader kings 2 for a couple of hours with robert - I can’t say I vouch for these games’ quality, despite liking Civ5.

i dont even like 4x bullshit I just like space bullshit (i know you don’t)

i’ve been floating between games ever since bfa came out, there really isnt much to play at all!

If you haven’t played factorio you probably should try it. It’s the most highly reviewed game on steam for a reason.
One of a kind - the game has Universal Appeal I think.
It’s “Legal” to pirate it too; just doesn’t allow mods unless you buy it


Don’t look up stuff on the game though, no need to spoil it if you haven’t already :- )