Ready Player one Review (james angry video game nerd)

I’ve seen this movie twice and read the book and I have to admit - they’re not wrong.

James and his friends bring up great points about the movie that I didn’t really get the first time watching.

Just noticed some of them while rewatching

Has anyone else seen the movie?

yeah it’s alrifht


Entertaining movie for what it is. Not like really good or anything but it was fun to see in theaters

What do you think of the video in the OP? It counters your arguments.

didn’t watch it what does it say

I liked the movie.

I hope we can all at least agree that it was a fun movie.

It was the worst movie I’ve had the misfortune of seeing.

You clearly are lying about watching the movie

Do they even have movie theaters in the Ottoman Empire

You didn’t watch the movie you just said you did to fit in.


You lied to fit in.

Now that you mention it (I didn’t think of this before now), the author might have seriously underestimated how quickly Easter Eggs can be solved on The Internet.