Real Gamut Guitars™

Always ascending. Come ask me to play nearly anything.

White album 2 vn is hella sad

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nice revival of an old world legacy thread i approve.

Definitely gonna check this out and cry everywhere.

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Singing some karaoke then going boating. Gamers, assemble.

I assembled hard to this.

My fav anime. Only anime that made me feel heartbroken

It’s time to shred again. Come request your favourite black metal, Foo Fighters,video game music… whatever you’re into, I’ll play it. ♫~

Playing some Slay the Spire, listening to good tunes, and Heavy Chat Interaction for an hour or two.

I just smoked a big bowl of legal Ontario bud and I have a guitar and a bass, tell me what to do with them.


not live.

Yo I just streamed for 6h. Back again on Sunday.

Idgaf sport.

!request ocean man when you join guys

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When is Gamut Gamers making a cameo on the namafia stream

he already phones in the interlude music; yes the guitar is infact Live and not recorded