Really hungey

Not going to eat. Day 3 of strict eating window. My body is sugar withdrawing. Just observe the thoughts. Don't act on them. You don't need the deep dish pizza upstairs. You ate already. Just observe the urges. Don't judge them. Just observe. These feelings will pass when your body is fat adapted. Just need to go another week or so. Everything is okay. Just look at the monkey and take deep breaths

Do you think an ice bath will produce enough noradrenaline to curb psychological cravings? What is noradrenaline's effect on hunger?

The tricky thing is that it's not real hunger

Filling the tub now. Afterwards going to do wim Hof method and meditate for an hour.

Need something to do for the 7 hours after that

Let's see the ice.

Oh my fucking God it's so fucking cold

Where's the ice?

It's in there. Ice is clear, you can't see it

Did I buy a water thermometer to measure my bathtub temperature? Seems that way

Okay I'm going to cry I haven't done this in a long time I'm not used to it

2 more minutes of violent shaking

what's your gf make of this

She times me and can do it way longer than I can and I don't know why

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However she takes forever to warm up when she gets out while I can step out and pretty much be fine after drying off

do you think its fair for him to treat me this way?

pog wimm hoffers in the chat

yes you def have not learned