I suggest a closed setup with a bunch of 1 shot power roles

I suggest a standard open setup or something Semi-Open like matrix.

Can I play and shadow someone? I’m new. Can I play if I work?

This is literally a party game anybody can play

It doesn’t take that much time - everyone here Works too. It takes as much time as any computer game - less if you are a fast reader/writer even.

But I’ve seen Jones transcribe his notes. That takes time I don’t have I think

Trust me - that does not take that much time, and usually the games don’t require Logic games, only Social and psychological analysis.


Has the game already started?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no!


Jk I’m not hosting since people find it fun to flag my posts gg!

Suggestion: only allow trusted community members to flag posts

I’m 95% sure it was a trusted community member :)


Lol host is a pussy. Who wanna host? You get a title and some other shit. Gotta be not shit like Benny host xD

eN deed