Reddit is on to ixmike88

can some of our elite minds weigh in on this? is ixmike a white supremacist?

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ixmike isnt racist his name is derived from his older brothers username who was born in 88

has nothign to do with alt right

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i dunno, that sounds a little too convenient

Ixmike is definitely a white supremacist but his name might not be a reference to that

this thread is a meme guys, it’s not serious

i like ixmike

if ixmike doesnt hate jews then who will?

yeah hes been nothing but nice to me great guy/10

nobody hates jews more than other jews

Definitely a nazi

that’s wrong

my jewish friend talks about how he hates the fact hes a jew every day and blames it for his mental and physical health issues

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I hate Jews more than any Jew could even possibly hate themself. Even the most self hating jew can not compare to my hatred of the Jewish race

He comes from a place of anger and self hatred my hatred comes from a place of love. I love the fact that the jew must suffer and as a Jew he will be subjected to these various ailments. My hatred is so deep it brings me joy and happiness to see the jew suffer and thus my hatred is immeasurable and can only grow just as the love between a mother and her child.

not going to read that post

I think what forrest meant when he said ixmike isn’t racist is that white supremacy isn’t racist - it is just being proud of your own race

you have so much to learn

convert to judiasm to experience real hatred of the religion

Yns is just upset cuz his soul has an expiration date in judaism

I will be comfy for eternity, suck on that nerd.

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he just doesn’t understand true hatred yet

Ixmike88 is not a racist or white supremacist he is a race realist and just knows the statistics regarding race and IQ and understands blacks are a standard deviation below the IQ of white people