REFPSI video thread

Ya already know if ya wanna see hot dota content i got ya, a lot of these lames be making these heavily edited videos but i give it to you raw, NO HENRY.

check out this 5 month old goldie

Im rusty but i’m tryna deliver content for the homies like BEES.
check the channel I’ll be posting more videos as i get more content cuz i actually got time to be playing this game again.


Ancients bow to the Divine REFPSI
plays mostly green hereos
rumoured to possess vocal combat abilities
control pub matches with an IRON microphone
played thousand of matches in all different skill groups
direct descendant of the ancient NEL blood line
runs basically every pub game he plays even if he loses


You are fucking annoying

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iight maybe u’ll like this one better,

if nah, its all good maybe u just not a fan.

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id have u muted real quick if i ever had to play with you (not gonna say ur annoying, haha, just not my type of player!!)

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yeah i usually gotta beg a few people not to mute me at the start of the game…

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Lol, hey man some people want that

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NY nigga Lol



im definitely calling vlads the dr doom from now on


HOT NEW TECH guys DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THIS VIDEO. I dont want valve to patch it. Currently UNLISTED. Someone with big CONNECTS leak it to a REAL NA TI team. Thanks.

ya already know


why do u sound super ethnic? like u have Other Country parents

Awesome tech tho.

im a dominican from NYC. I am poisoned by NYC tap water and soy and raised in the hood.


oh damnur dominican. thats sick. do u call people haitian as a joke/insult i had a friend who did that

nah i aint dark enough to be haitian.

Good to see some racism on the forum. Keep up the good work it’s really fun ostracising new users.

as the person of interest i didnt see anything racist about his comment

That doesn’t surprise me as you come off as unintelligent and slightly slow (not in a bad way and not related to your race) so let me explain: he generalized your entire video and contribution to the forum into a conversation about your culture (the implication being you’re not welcome).

lmfao this guys good

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