Relationship advice

Chapter 1: I was bored and horny

I quit my business. Suddenly I had an extra 30 hours a week of free time that I had no idea what to do with besides ponder about how lonely and meaningless my existence was.

So I did what any reasonable guy would do. I grabbed my phone and downloaded the most popular dating app on the Google play store, I started my human window shopping by walking down the cyber sidewalks and swiping left and right with no consideration to the backstory of what I was front-facing.

It is a huge red flag if someone tells you that they are damaged on their profile. In truth, most people who turn to online dating are damaged in some way. We all know this, but we also know the first rule that should never be broken unless you want to have your nuts sliced off.

Online dating is a game. It’s a game of numbers and deception you post your best photos, in the coolest places,around the most people.

You plant the bait and then you wait.


Definitely agreed with your stance on online dating - it barely qualifies as real human interaction. No idea how we got to this point, but I have hopes that it will die down sooner than later.

The only real relationships are highschool dating.

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my highschool relationships were boring

turns out white girls who go to private lutheran schools are PRUDE

Sorry to hear that

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It’s okay - I’ve gotten over it by now. Still mad I never got the 1st ones shirt off though - they must be perfect

Chapter 2: time lapse

Fast forward two years into the future to skip over all of the stupid stories of drunk nights and hook ups, i now have a girl thar says she’s in love with me.

Yes, me, the unloveable, the unbearable, the insufferable, me.

There is some weird dynamic going on though in our relationship, i dont like her that much because she likes me, and because i am a shitty, pathetic human being i really have very little respect for someone who has such bad taste in people.

So i think to myself ‘i can do better than this, i deserve more’ so i go out and i go on dates and i drink and i fuck and i lie to her face that im going out with friends or doing something that im not.

Eventually she figures out something is up when she tries to call me and i dont answer her, dont answer texts, she finds other girl’s shit in my apartment, she finds a used condom and realizes im a sleezeball , and then asks me if im cheating i lie through my teeth and say no, i swear on it.

She knows im lying but she also figures i wouldnt lie to her unless i cared about her and wanted to keep her, so she stays!

I wake up some days, i wake up feeling bad. I feel bad about who i am, about the life that im living. I want to dump her, but i like having someone around that is always just there, but i also realize im not in love with her. Nothing about being with her excited me at all. When i talk or bring over other women, i get excited , i get aroused and turned on, i havent had this feeling with her in over a year

She keeps talking about us moving in together. Maybe getting a place, she keeps leaving more of her stuff at my place. Shampoo, brush, some pajamas, art kit, and shit.

Meanwhile im laying in bed wondering if today is the day i finally get the balls to tie some rope around my neck and hang myself . What kind of fucking life is this. I look in the mirror and i see my face but when i wake up or finally start falling asleep, im staring at a sad little monster


Thank you for sharing ironstove

Ty, i needed to blog

This is some real self-sabotage shit. You can’t ever be happy with this attitude.

My Advice for you: Make a life change or do something different. Self-hate is an impetus for self-examination and productive change


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Thank you eckhart tolle

You’ll know the time to leave her when she bakes all your beans.



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