Reminder Thread

@Derumination is a VIRGEN


fucken GOTEM

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You’re a virgin and stupid

Missing my old signature already

Threads like this are forums poison

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@SOPHIE change jdances title to cunt spelunker

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@old_electrowizard_acc he is still browsing even though he is banned…
Does this warrant a :us_virgin_islands:

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Yes, that’s why I made this thread


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Will @Derumination ever lose his VIRGENity? Not likely

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I’m sad jdance is barred from posting bc he would like my posts to boost me above ewiz on the forums leaderboards + help defeat the slow dive/ewiz likes cartel


beta male on the attack after the big boy leaves

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Please don’t bait.

who is baiting who ?

Good question

i’m just asking questions here

Where is the likes leaderboard

i am boosting nyte so it isn’t fair to count them