Remove all bans

Petition to get everyone we ever banned unbanned

  • Unban them for content and site revival.
  • Keep em banned and suffer from no content and less activity.

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Discuss here. Lets be real a lot of the people we banned were just as mentally unhinged as the people they "harassed/ affected" .

if the people who would always post role pms and account share are allowed to play mafia i will no longer play mafia

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Let them suffer in silence

can we just ban them from mafia and keep them on site? i miss the jdance days

considering this dude dan keeps letting fucking kurtov into the blog thread it really doesn’t matter anymore what he does

dan has some weird kurtov reformation fetish even when others are telling him he’s just fucking with him

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im voting third option which is i permaban you personally because you’re actually too stupid to realize the people that pretend to like you on here are just doing it to laugh at you.

I’d rather have nma and jdance before refpsi.

you’re a low life scum sucker piece of trash and any community is worse off for allowing you to even be here. maybe you should practice what preach and leave your wife, race mixing is a very dangerous evil man

The only person banned is NMA. This forum blows anyway.

Slowdive is admin? Lmfao.

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Worst poster lmfao.
If you read my post i always pracctice what i preach. This faggot ass dude always spends his energy insulting me, derailing my threads and finding a reason to ban me, even after i be the bigger man, explain myself and even apologize.

You are so brainwashed you cant even find a middle ground in anything i say or recommend. Its no wonder you have so many mental problems and always overtly emotional, you are a pathetic excuse for a man, and your mentality is closer to that of a child who is mad because life doesnt always go his way.

When you man the fuck up and take responsibility for your life, you wouldnt be such a bitter dick head who always has something stupid to say, god damn i don't even understand, you are an admin of a website full of mentally ill people and you spend so much time harassing someone you disagree with because you disagree with. You've never met me before and you have such low opinion of someone who proactively takes responsibility for his life.

People like you are only good for stagnating a persons life, convincing them they have no control, and ruining any chance of them changing their situation. YOu are so blind and defeated by life you dont even understand there are amazing people like me who just happen to think differently from you.

You reveal how disgusting you are with every post. Bet your bitch ass wakes up hating his life, hating the world, and are just overall misery, thinking life is pointless, and having no divine figure or metaphysical beliefs in your life. and you don't even realize I've given you the advice you need to actually take some self responsibility and do something positive with your life.


me too

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Unban NMA. Jdance can stay banned.

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holy shit refpsi LMFAO

you two could just agree to disagree here, I mean there’s nothing wrong with that, refpsi has one opinion about the six gorillion and slowdive has the wrong opinion about it but we don’t have to be hostile about it. This is a forum of peace

its not about the difference in view, its about a completely negative person who thinks singular opinion defines life. He is so defeated by life all he can do is bitch about life and insult people who think differently. It must be nice to have no motivation, no drive, and overal nothing worthwhile to aim or achieve. I haven't seen slow dive post about what he wants to be what he wants to do, or shown any bit of drive to succeed or even grow as a person. This man is completely okay with being stagnant and emotionally unbalanced, so fucking beat and defeated by life in his 20s, he cant even see how much i pity him when i type.