Requesting name change to: Dondi Fontaine Houwk . PyronFlex.ManilaMajor.SumailGODYATORO.GGBET

Be able to Forget.

It is more a matter of luck than of skill. The things we remember best are those better for-gotten. Memory is not only unruly, leaving us in the lurch when most needed, but stupid as well, putting its nose into places where it is not wanted. In painful things it is active, but neglectful in recalling the pleasurable. Very often the only remedy for the ill is to forget it, and all we forget is the remedy. Nevertheless one should cultivate good habits of memory, for it is capable of making existence a Paradise or an Inferno. The happy are an exception who enjoy innocently their simple happiness.

you -> rat hide cloak
jones -> foxpelt cape (black gf)
me -> trying to get back his drape of the dark reavers

Me -> Thalassian Wildercloak
You -> Delicate Green Poncho

Jones' girlfriend is not who he sees or thinks. It's an idea and a concept that is more than the persons involved.

I would have more respect for jones if he was having sex with his sister instead. Wouldnt you?


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Anyway, if you're interested in more words of wisdom, this has been the book of choice for our reading club:

Play nice mr cobb

AI generated fakes are bannable as far as I remember.

Isnt it always a bit awkward when couples bring thier fights public? Talk it out in your bedroom geez

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Holy shit nmagane btfo

I forget who did it nor is this the thread for it but I still think of the Santa comes once a year joke regularly

Alightsoul Jdance and Toprak: The new forum alliance.


how far we've fallen

That's right. Dendi Fontaine Houwk is my ally.