Rerolling on a new server is one of the best ways to relive the launch of Classic.

If you feel like Classic has lost a little bit of its magic in the last few months, and even making alts isn't that entertaining for you, I highly suggest making a new character on a different server. Doing so gives you the ultimate fresh start, very similar to the launch of the game.

While you may think that making an alt would just be the same, it really isn't. On a new server you can never send yourself 5g to get started or kit yourself out with full bags - you're starting from scratch again. You have to treasure every piece of silver you earn, which makes you go back to the old techniques of linen bag and silk bandage shuffling. As well you can't join up with your guildies and get a few runs of lowbie instances to get you a couple items. Again, you're on your own and need to find these resources again.

One of the best things about rerolling is that the economy is more developed. Prices are fairly set, and people have more gold to spend, so it helps you accumulate faster and more reliably than the onset of the game. While changing servers at this point has some downsides, I believe all the upsides make up for it.

Just thought I'd share my experience after having rerolled myself and now I spend more time on my alt than any other character I have.

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