Retro games thread.

I wanna have a place to talk about retro games. Classics etc

@Matticus has been trying to get me to play planescape torment but it’s a real bitch

I play this for like 10 minutes a day

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lttp was a great game, i never beat it until it came out on gba. have you played super metroid?

Never beat it (just like every other game I played)

The only games I finish are bad indie games.

Looking for Challenger for Bomberman 64 1v1

i have to get setup

give me 2 weeks.

Yes - you have 1 month to practice and if I win I get ownership of the site

No. If you win I don’t ban you

Alright fair enough

I :jacobkek:ed there no lie

Its funny because it’s not fair!

I will 1v1 permaban any user on the forum in the following Retro games (Retro game thread):
Mario party 3 (All minigames, highest score wins)
Bomberman 64

More will be added to list soon

Ill honor month bans for you :)

No way, I just beat lttp.

used to collect stuff, now it’s mostly classic N64 games with drinking rules

personal favorite being the original smash where winner has to drink (i once emptied a bottle of some really wierd brandy until vomiting and passing out because my mates were SO bad)

idk about those rules

id probably just come up with some custom set