Reynad is a must

I probably love reynad too much, but honestly instead of having lifecoach or wifecoach at the hq to discuss what went wrong with the game they should pay a shitload of money to reynad and fully fund his Bazaar on top of it just to get few consultations with him on how the game should have been made and how to make it an AAA title from this what we have now… they need someone whos not afraid to tell them what have thay fucked up and I just dont see anyone else who would be the one for the job… His analysis of the game before the game even launched and his review shortly after was so on point and foreseeing… Maybe nox.

What is your opinion?

I don’t have one and I’m not in a position to form a carefully considered opinion because I haven’t read the first wall of text yet.

I’ll get back to you if and when that changes.