Riddles and Puzzles

Mary is looking at Bob
Bob is looking at John

Mary likes football
John doesn’t like football

Is someone who likes football looking at someone who doesn’t like football?

A) Yes
B) No
C) Not enough information given

What is the probability that Mary’s prophecy is correct?

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If bob doesn’t like football then Mary looks at a person that doesn’t like football
If bob does like football then Bob looks at a person that doesn’t like football

bob could be indifferent to football, or not even know what football is.

it’s C

I have already given the correct answer. Next!

You’re wrong! Bob’s relationship with football isn’t some simple binary modality!

I guess that can be true. C is also correct in that case

A passenger train that is 100 meters long is traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg at 140 kmph, while a freight train that is 500 meters long is just beginning it’s long trek from Port Augusta to Kalgoorlie. Not having reached top speed yet, the second train is leaving the station at 40 kmph.

Presuming both trains maintain their current velocity and direction indefinitely as vectors, at what point with respect to time from the initial state will one vector intersect with another?

Setting up a hybrid fuzzer to figure this out

never because the earth is a sphere

I’ll leave this one to @Derumination (our Algebra expert)

Thanks. I tried and couldn’t figure it out. Is this your thread klaze? The car one? That’s the one I tried.

What thread am I in?


this is not a riddle or a puzzle.

btw saying “velocity and direction” is redundant because velocity is defined by speed and direction.

Why? It definitely is.

This is true. I guess my sub-140 IQ brain felt the need to be redundant.

I don’t know if I’m reading it wrong - but it just seems too Boring and Tedious.