Riki Discussion Thread

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Can a riki expert confirm this?

Sentry wards should cost half of what they do now with how much the game has changed

No they should be removed

2k morons should not be alllwed to buy a bunch of sentries and ruin my fun just cuz i random an invis hero and then lose anyway

The same goes ror dewarding and whatever else garbage they learned from puppy and purge to make the game last 120 minutes

Xp should be reworked so that trilanes cant outlevel you if you kill them 5 times in 5 minutes and the free tp scroll should be removed.

Salves should be removed from the game.

Riki should be reverted to when his invis was his ultimate

Not because he happens to be good now but because he was more fun then

Cm and aa should lose 1 spell each

Sentry wards would be balanced at 50 gold.

fuck that just nerf backstab multiplier and the ult duration

Riki + Gem = BH countered.

They last 6 min. Decreasing the cost of sentry wards wouldn’t give you more money for items - you’d just buy twice as many and spend twice as much time trying to auto down enemy sentries before they can auto down yours.

disagree, ppl would not buy 2x,

??? It used to be like 4 times as higy and the hero still sucked

Clearly bounty runes and passive gold are responsible too… No creeps should mean no gold. He should not be able to purchase boots or sentries without having killed two heroes…

You know the game is bad when people pick support and other babysit sissy heroes willingly

Some times I win just by pumping up one guy all game in chat as sup and i dont have to do shit, while you plebs sitting there farming gold 4 me.

Just watch a stream its the same thing