Was always one of my favorite teamspeak users and dota players. Parted on good terms and I'm glad She's finally coming out.

Why is this a fucking thing ?!?!?!? What in the fuck fuck Western society let it fucking burn

@Kind_Laick_42 kittens died

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What the hell is your problem


idk who this is but hope they can find some happiness

It's an old UK Dota player, currently a pro circuit coach. Played in teams with our good friends CCNC and Beesa.

What a weirdo but Iā€™m sure more of you teamspeak weirdos are gonna be coming out as trans soon

Im transbased

Hahahahaha wouldn't doubt it seeing how notjones and Toprak have been doing together.

Grow up, Goytard

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You guys shouldve called it "The boy club"

Bevause thats what it is

It's more like the Soy Club when notjones and Toprak are around - maybe Chud Club. notjones and Toprak consistently harass any female members (Girlfriends of Benny, J-crispy, Chris)

Toprak even lashed out at Nyte during a Dota Game. She was playing Chaos Knight and didn't have optimal item timings.

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Goytards go home

  • Soy club
  • Goy club
  • Boy club
  • Chud club

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Forgot to add goy chads whatever

Seems like something someone returning to the website after a long while should know.