RIP Collin Powell

RIP to the homie

whos that niugga

rest in piss cocksucker

dude who testified to the UN that Iraq had WMDs knowing full well it was bullshit, justifying US + Coalition invasion of Iraq in 2003

also investigated the My Lai massacre and found the soldiers did nothing wrong. a real scumfuck

Did we get cheap oil? Worth

Why do Americans pronounce his name as Colon?

nah we spent 4 trillion dollars doing target practice on herders + ourselves lmao

Sick of 3 dollar gas prices !!!! Let's kill Russia and opec

OPECs constantly shitting out the cheapest cartel oil because Saudi Arabia wants to hit their cap and then close down all their wells

if you attack opec Iran will blockade the straight of malacca with naval mines and fire at any ships with their medium range missiles they have all over the coast.

an oil shortage will ensue and prices will go up, not down

and russia has like 4,000 nukes so that’s a non starter

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Gay fuckers

trump is the pres

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