Osiris have you never had friends who have kids with no father? That shit is awful. The kids always end up fucked up. It's a huge problem

i have and while it's sad in my personal experience they haven't turned out significantly worse or better than those who have an active dad in their life but i'm just one perspective. definitely different development though

my best friends dad drank his liver to oblivion before he was 10, not sure if that's better or worse than never having a dad

his dad loved him, just loved whiskey more

That was my uncle

Alcoholisms fucked

That's every guy in my entire family

my condolences

irrational but my biggest pet peeve is when people say drugs & alcohol. alcohol is a drug stop putting it on a pedestal just because it's widespread

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I'm just addicted to the stock market

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best of luck in your battles

yeah societal norms propagated through Big Alcohol&Tobacco are the worst. People should recognize that alcohol takes a worse toll than a lot of other things

Congress should recognize that

You do realize most of our wrong societal takes on alternative drugs comes from their extensive lobbying right? this is a problem that cannot be fixed without addressing regulatory capture, which in turn can't be fixed without some crazy shit on the people's fault or a drugs popularity spreading like "a weed" despite these things to exemplify how offbase the ideas they push are.

Alternatively alcohol and tobacco proving their own dangers would work but given the situation were in I don't think people will ever be convinced that those are some pretty awful ways to cope w living via drugs.

I never got in cuz it kept dropping

Cash app won’t let me realize my square gains smh

Why not use a real trading app

Yeah use robinhood


Use robinhood