Who cares the piece of shit was a father to none of his 15 children that he had with 15 different women

Really hate it when people think that making music negates being an awful human

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ur jelly cuz you havent spread ur seed ■■■■■

RIP king

This but everything, including making great forum posts

You don't need to have parasocial relationships with artificial personas and value judge whoever's behind that. X gon give it to ya.

Yeah you do actually

dmx would fuck up jdance so nothin jdance says even matters

even in his ascended state jdance doesnt stand a chance

what a loser jdance is

How's Viacom going

Now I'm imagining saltybets but it's pop mixed with namafia personas

I think it's sad to see someone struggle with addiction and ultimately die from it.

boiling him down to an awful person because he had 15 children and struggled with addiction is rather fucked up.

i can't speak on his relationships with his children and i'm not sure you can either so

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What dude?

You're not sure if bringing 15 fatherless kids into the world makes you a bad person?

i mean i'm not going to defend the guy i hardly know anything about him but you can do a lot worse as far as humans are concerned than mindlessly reproducing

?????????????????????? You think those kids are going to break the cycle?

Holy fuck dumbasses alert

i never said that. we've been around for a while now having sex with a lot of people and making babies happens a lot

now you laying on your back looking at the roof of the church, preacher telling the truth and it hurts

People need to watch the first 10 mins of idiocracy